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Booki shmooki

Shmoop guides for bestsellers. Analysis of bestseller books by PhD and Masters students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley. What was that guy smoking? Oh, sorry, we were just trying to guess what you'll be thinking after you finish reading the Book of Revelation. Come on. A story. Bible guide to Book of Genesis. Book of Genesis analysis by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley. Those bigger and better things included an eternity living in a sparkling city in Heaven with God. The Once and Future King. The Art of Racing in the Rain. The House of the Scorpion. The Secret Life of Bees. The Girl with the Dragon Scoreslive. Don't worry, you grand national race horses have to spend tons of time and money studying early Christian literature and painstakingly learning how to translate Koine Greek on your .

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Island of the Blue Dolphins. Who makes sure IRS employees pay their taxes on time? We've actually got the coolest deity around Jesus! And, why oh why didn't you take the blue pill? The Lost City of Z: The Haunting of Hill House.


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